About Us

At IContractor Painting Company, we have over 15 years of professional experience, as well as a superior command of industry products that make us the choice for your next painting job. No client wants to hear the dreaded words, “Sorry, we don’t do that; you’ll need to get a specialty contractor.” Sure, specialty painting companies have a place, but a full-service painting company should be able to tackle and excel at just about any painting project. Another quality that makes IContractor Painting Company a top notch company is broad industry experience. Every company will develop a niche over time — that’s just how the market works. However, as a first class company, IContractor Painting always maintains a wide mix of project types, which gives an array of knowledge necessary to handle multiple aspects of any project.

No job is to big or small for us we do it all!

I Contractor Inc.

Fort Myers, FL 33917